Monday, October 1, 2012

Boscastle Stamp and Coin Supplies are getting ready for the holiday season by stocking up with best selling stamp and coin supplies

We are approaching our busy season at We are stocking in all our major categories for all stamp and coin collector customers. 

Here is a list of our major Boscastle Supplies Store categories : - FRAMES for Coins/Medals, World Coin / Banknote Albums, USA Coin Albums, Canada Coin Albums, Numis Coin / Banknote Albums, Optima Coin / Banknote Albums, Grande Coin / Banknote Albums, Universal Coin/Banknote Albums, Vario Banknote Albums & Pages. Coin / Pages 3-RNG Binder
Coin & Banknote Wallets, Coin Travel Cases, Boxes/ Cases /Albums - Slabs, Boxes / Cases - Capsules Coins, Boxes / Cases - 2x2s or Quads, Coin Capsules, Square Quadrum Coin Holders, 2x2 Coin Holders & Flips, Standard Stapled 2x2, Self-Adhesive 2x2, Vinyl 2x2 Flips
Banknote Sleeves, Coin Cleaner / Tongs / Gloves, Coin Scales & Calipers, Coin Books & Catalogs, Microscopes, Magnifiers, 2010 STAMP ALBUM SUPPLEMENTS, Stamp Album Binders/ Blank Pgs, Quadrilled & Brilliant Pages, Mint Sheet Albums, Stamp Stockbooks, Vario Stocksheet Binder/Pages, Linder Stocksheet Binder/Pages, Other Stamp Stocksheets, Stamp Catalogues & Books, Drying & Record Books, Dealer Selection Cards / Pages, Glassine Envelopes, Watermark Detectors, Stamp Remover Liquids, Stamp Mounts & Cutters, Sized Pre-Cut Mounts
Sized Strip Mounts, Packs of Assorted Sizes, Mounting Corners, Mount Cutters, Stamp Tongs, Stamp Hinges, Perforation Gauges, UV Lamps / Lights / Linen Test, Stamp Color Keys, Flags / Labels / Stickers, FDC Albums, FDC / Postcard Sleeves, Postcard Albums
Collecting Kits for Kids, Stamps, Medals

Remember if you need any help with your stamp and coin collecting supplies - we are one of the biggest on the Internet with a huge inventory and great prices - check us out at

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